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We are a family of 6 that are on a journey to grow our family and produce an awareness of the orphans in the world.

We are excited to be on the journey of adoption. My wife and I have served on missions trips in Guatemala and Brazil. We have felt a tug on our hearts to lead our family through the adoption process.


Although we can't change the world for all the 153 million orphans in this world, we do have the ability to change the world for one. 

Our kids are excited to have another brother or sister and we can't thank you enough for you support as we go through this process.

Brad and Kate

Brad and Kate both grew up in Lititz and still are raising our family in Lititz. Have been attending Manheim BIC church since 2006. 



Adalyn is passionate about sports. She loves field hockey, plays soccer and enjoys running. She loves everything to do with any type of sport or competition. 


Tayden also loves sports and plays basketball and soccer. He loves the outdoors, and loves spending time fishing or in the woods. 



Brock likes to have fun and loves riding bike and helping around the house. He loves to ride four wheeler and also plays baseball. 



Tenley has a cheerful heart. She makes everyone smile and has started playing field hockey. 


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