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We are currently in Miami getting ready to leave for Bogota Colombia. We found out that they are very concerned for Cruz and omitted him...

Leaving today!

We are still very anxious to travel today to meet Lil Cruz! We heard from his care taker this morning that he had a stable night last...

Cruz in hospital

As mentioned, they had to take Cruz to the hospital, We found out late Last night they did require Cruz to have surgery. They discovered...

Prayer Warriors

We had such an awesome evening tonight at a very close friend's wedding. It was a beautiful evening. Unfortunately, during the wedding...

We are soon ready to go!

What a whirlwind of a week we have had. Brad and I had to go to New York City on Wednesday to get our visa. We took the 5:30am train and...

Travel date

We are so excited to announce that we got our final travel date to pick up our little boy. We got matched with a 4 year old boy about 3...

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