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Arrived In Bogota

Good morning! Last night we arrived safely in Bogota. The flights went really well. We were welcomed in the airport by our driver from Madison, our adoption agency. We found him by the sign Familia Zimmerman (pictured with Brock :) I also posted a picture of us coming off of the plane in Bogota, please caption photo of #Brock :).

We traveled about 30 minutes to our Airbnb. It is very nice and the kids are getting adjusted to some of the things being out of the country. More people stare at you, you can't use the water and we may not be able to flush the toilet paper down the toilet. So brushing our teeth last night for the kids was a fun experience. The kids are doing very well, and experiencing a lot of another culture. Brock and Tayden keep on saying "Dad and Mom I have no idea what these people are saying". It has been fun to experience all of this together.

Our latest update on our little fighter, Cruz last night was that he is still in the recovery room. They were not able to find an available bed for him yet. As I mentioned, communication can be difficult, so we were first told he was taken to the ICU, and now found out that he is still in the recovery room, because there was no bed for him yet. So he needs to be moved there ASAP.

Thank you for your prayers that his health can improve. Today we will meet with our adoption travel agent through Madison. We are hoping to get a better idea of where Cruz is at and what the next steps are. Keep praying for him!

I am being constantly reminded to not say, Jesus can you change these things around me; but instead, God can you change me so that I can handle the things that you are walking me through.

My Travel Buddy. "Daddy, they are coming with drinks and you are sleeping. I will wake you up when they get to us."

My travel Buddies.

Caption this photo. #Brock :)

Brock representing the sign they were holding for us coming out of the airport.

Late evening Popcorn snack after arriving at our AirBNB.

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Captain:"hey, look! That guy looks like Carlos!' 😂

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