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It’s the moment you realize that the true bond was starting to be established....

Sunday - Went to Church with Soraya. We arrived early so we went to a cafe right across the street. We tried some of Soraya’s favorite pastries and also some fermented rice drink. The church was awesome, and it’s amazing how much you can gather from the service as they spoke about continue to have a connection between you and God.

Monday - We went to park. Jose started to bleed from his bottom, where he had his incision for his surgery just a few weeks ago.

Tuesday - Went to the Notary to get the POA signed, went to Mad Men for Jose’s first Barber Hair Cut with us. Went for lunch. Then needed to take him to the ER. Arrived at the ER around 1 pm. We were welcomed by David, Soraya’s son who helped us through the process of Hospital visits with Cruz. The hospital we went to is a private hospital and is known as one of the best hospitals in Colombia. We felt like we have had enough memories and experiences in the other public hospitals that we wanted to ensure we got to a good one.

Wednesday - We went to Masa. Went to la casa to meet Barbara, went to the park, Went to Malu restaurant for dinner.

Thursday - Good morning! We woke up around 6 am to get ready and go for breakfast. We left for La Casa (orphanage) at 7:15 am for our meeting which started at 8 am to meet with the Psycologist of the orphanage who was working with Jose. Then at 9:30 we met with ICBF, with the defender of Jose. We left to go to the airport. As we pulled up in front of American Airlines, it was time for us to get out of the car and say our good byes. This moment, was the hardest Good bye and see you later, that I ever had to say too Kate. As tears fell from my eyes, i had to leave my wife, in Colombia with our son who we met 6 days ago. We embraced in a hug, knowing that it is best for me to get home with our other biological kids. Although, I shared in Spanish to Jose, that we will “see you later,” as he entered the car with Kate, he started to cry. It’s the moment you realize that the true bond was starting to be established between Father and Son, Mother and Son and sister and brother.

In some countries, they require multiple trips for adoptions. Kate and I had mentioned that we can’t imagine leaving our child after building such a good connection and bond. I feel so bad for the families that need to make these multiple trips through the adoption process.

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