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Brad Met Cruz!!

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Yesterday, Wednesday, as you know I was scheduled to meet with the Cruz's doctor. We left for the hospital around 9:30 am. As we arrived at the hospital, the line extended out the hospital doors, and around the turn for people that were coming into the hospital for medical help and visitation hours which are from 11 am - 12 noon.

As we entered the hospital, we were told the doctor is waiting for us. The directions, signage and communication in a public hospital such as this, is lacking to say the least. I was so thankful to be with Madison's son and girlfriend who are both bilingual and on their last year of being medical doctors. We passed through the hospital, going from wing to wing, and floor to floor, as everyone gave different directions of where the consultation would take place. As you walk around, you see all of the sick kids, adults and construction that is taking place right in the halls of the hospital. The walls have pealing paint and are damaged, the floors are dirty.

As we pass through different levels and different security checks (which is a small desk, with a security guard, and a book that people manually sign in with their name). We finally found direction, and met with the head coordinator who knows where Cruz's doctor is who we are supposed to meet. She guides us to the 5th floor, which is the ICU unit floor. We wait in the waiting room for a few minutes, as the Orphanage staff was arriving to meet us there. As I look around, with tears in my eyes, I am reminded that our son is in one of these rooms, right behind the walls.

Everyone arrives and guides us back to the ICU area. Where their are many people waiting to visit. The head coordinator walked us right in. We walked into a small 8 x 8 conference room where there is a small table and chairs that are ripping on all sides. All I can pray is that they find it more important to invest in their medical equipment than the conference room tables and chairs :) We are met with a nurse, and Cruz's doctor! We are given a recap of Cruz's health, much of the information that we were already given. We are affirmed that Cruz is in a deep sedation which aligned with the report that Kate received from the doctor a couple days before. This was different info than we received from the orphanage the night before, as they had mentioned that Cruz was waking up sometimes and someone talked to him on the phone. The doctor continued to affirm that at this time Cruz's other organs looked good and his lungs look good as well. Although Cruz has a very severe case of pancreatitis and it will take time to heal.

It was an amazing experience in the conference room that day, as the doctor only spoke in Spanish but I could translate a lot of what she was saying in my head (and I am not bilingual). However, I was so thankful to have Madison's son and girlfriend there because they new our hearts and affirmed the translation that was taking place in my head :). The doctor affirmed our decision to travel home but asked if I would like to see Cruz. I said ABSOLUTELY! She again warned me of what I was about to see but as tears poured down my eyes, I said I understand and we traveled this whole way, I would love to see my son. (As I write this tears fall from my cheeks again as it was an amazing experience).

When entering the ICU at this hospital, and visiting a child, they typically only allow one person at a time. I was so thankful that Madison's son and girlfriend were allowed to walk back with me and also the orphanage representative. The doctor went on to explain what Cruz is receiving from a medical standpoint. As I stand at the edge of the bed, I see his little chest moving up and down, all types of cables connected to him, and his eyes are covered with tape; tears continue to fall faster. Between my tears, I'm able to gather the words to ask if I can touch him and pray for him. They said absolutely. The doctor said she has been praying for him as well. So I walked to his bed side, held his leg and prayed for him. I reminded him, that his mother and I love him and that all of his older brothers and sisters were here cheering him on and praying for him. I prayed for God's will over his life and to pray for healing for his little body. At this point, there are tears in more than just my eyes, but in the eyes of many of the others. It was a surreal experience to see him laying there, since as of just a couple days ago we had our first Skype call with him, and I asked "Cruz Diego, Como estas?" Which means how are you? With no delay on the call, he quickly responded "Bien!" which means good! As I stand by his bed side crying, tears falling on his bed side, hearing all the medical machines beeping, I recognize that it is time that we must let the doctor go. I say one more quick prayer, leaving our son in the hands of God and the medical doctors that will be watching over him. As we are leaving, we ask if the doctor would allow me to have her contact information, so that we can have our CHOP doctor in the US communicate with them directly. She said absolutely. She shared her number and the head coordinators contact information. They said if your wife would like to come visit him tomorrow, it will be no problem and to coordinate with them directly and they will make it work even if it is not during normal visiting hours. What a blessing! It was all becoming clear why our flight was incorrectly booked by the travel agent and not supposed to flight out on Thursday but that we were supposed to be flying out Friday so we could arrange for Kate to go see Cruz on Thursday. We thanked the Doctor and the entire medical team.

We left the hospital, and I was so thankful to everyone for allowing this visit to take place!

We continue to Trust God, and Rely on Faith!


Walking through hospital... one of the surgery areas

Floor 5 - ICU level

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