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Cruz has 2nd surgery

We got some sad news on Wednesday that Cruz had to have another surgery. He had a blockage in his intestine so they had to do laparoscopic surgery. He is doing well. They kept him open for 2 days to make sure that everything was ok. They are planning to close him up today. They said his belly was descended again and he vomited. They said that even through all of this he still has a smile on his face. It just makes it so hard because every set back puts my time to be with him a little longer. We are praying that he can heal quickly and have no more complications.

We have had so much peace that Cruz is our son and this is the journey that God has us on. This has not been an easy journey but I know that God has a plan for Cruz's life and I can't wait to see how he uses him. When Brad and I got to see Cruz in the hospital we had so much peace and confirmation that this was where we were supposed to be. We love him so much already and we have not even been with him that long. We are praying for you everyday Cruz and we can't wait to bring you home. Keep fighting! I know that God's angels are surrounding you. God says he will never leave us or forsake us so I know that God is with Cruz everyday and all that time.

Keep praying my prayer warriors!!!

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