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Cruz is in Heaven

As I sit here, tears fall from my face. The screen is blurry. It turned out to be a morning we were hoping and praying would never come. We knew that Cruz had a rough day yesterday. However, this morning Cruz's doctor left us know that our son Cruz died at 2:47am this morning.

The txt from the doctor stated " I regret to inform you that (Cruz) Diego died this morning at 2:47AM. So Sorry. I send you a hug from me and from the PICU". This is a txt that no one wants to receive.

Some of you can relate to losing a loved one. For Kate and I this is a new concept.

The kid's woke up and it was now time to share with our kids that their little brother passed away over night. Brock fell into me, and

instantly cried out in tears asking Why. Tayden curled tight on the couch beside his brother, and Tenley embraced in Kate's arms with instant tears. We don't know God's plan, but we trust God and we continue to rely on Faith. We shared with the kid's that Cruz knew that we wanted him and knew that he had a family that loved him.

Adalyn left this morning on a short trip to Florida with her grandparents. We had discussed before she left, and she had mentioned that she would prefer not to have good or bad updates on Cruz while she is gone and would prefer to hear when she comes home. So we will wait to share with her when she returns home in a couple days.

We have received so many, txt, emails, calls and we are grateful. We appreciate all of you and thank you for your prayers and support.

We will be having Celebration of Life ceremony. We will keep you posted on details.

Cruz Diego, we will forever LOVE you!

- Dad and Mom (Adalyn, Tayden, Brock and Tenley)

One of our first photos of Cruz

Skype call with Cruz. 3 days before we traveled to Colombia.

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Betty Hufford
Betty Hufford
Jul 17, 2019

So sorry, Brad. It was 11 years yesterday since I lost my son, Curtis.

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