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Cruz still in ICU

I know a lot of you have been wondering how Cruz is doing. I wish I had better news but its been a roller coaster these past 2 weeks. Cruz was doing really well then last week we got a call that he got a fistula. We knew that there was a risk for that with his pancreas. Thankfully he was not in pain and it did not require surgery. They just were using antibiotics to treat him. I had a flight book to leave today but had to cancel when we got the new of his fistula because he would be in ICU for at least another week. Then they told us on Monday that he is going to be coming out of ICU and into general care. So I booked a flight for next sunday and yesterday they told us he started vomiting so they told me to cancel again. I feel like my emotions are everywhere with getting excited about leaving and then having to cancel my plans because he is not doing well. The plan is that when Cruz gets moved to general care that I will go down to be with him and then before he gets released from the hospital Brad is going to come down so we can start the adoption process. They would prefer that we would not send him back to the orphanage but take him right from the hospital to start the adoption process. That process will take about 2 weeks to do until we can come home. Please continue to pray for Cruz. Pray for his pancreas to fully recover and that his body can continue to fight and recover quickly. We definitely have a fighter. Cruz has been in the hospital so much these past 4 years. Its time for him to come home and be with his forever family. A family that will love on him and help take care of his needs. Thanks again so much for all your prayers. We can feel them! Hopefully I will be traveling next time we write a post.

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