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Exciting news...

It's been some time since we updated our blog and for that, I am sorry. But it has been quite a journey since our son Cruz passed away. We appreciate all of your prayers and support over the past few months. We have sensed a peace and healing as a family, and as promised, continued the pursuit of our adoption journey.

It is with much excitement to announce that we have been matched again with a little boy from Colombia. They moved him to the same orphanage that Cruz was a part of. This of course was very exciting, but will certainly bring back memories of the final stages we were in back in July. We have been processing through much paperwork, extensions and redoing our homestudy to get to this stage. We were anxiously awaiting for some of the final paperwork to arrive. Instead, we got a phone call, that our son was being taken to the ER in the hospital. Suprising. Yes. Flashbacks. Yes. But we stayed coursed, trusting God and relying on Faith. He ended up going to the exact same hospital that we were at with Cruz. The scenes came soaring through our minds of the beeps of the medical machines, the unclean rooms, and the busyness of the public hospital.

The ER was too full and a room was not available for a couple days. They needed to conduct some tests, before they could perform the surgery. Of course, the machine that they needed for the test, was broken and the repair would be unknown. Thankfully it got fixed this past Monday. They were able to perform the test, and immediately after performed the surgery that was required. We are told it went very well and fortunately he was released from the hospital.

Here's the exciting News! On Thursday we received a call that our Article 5 (final paperwork) was received. We will be traveling in the next few weeks to be picking up our son.

Again, we are so thankful for all of your prayers and support. There are a few people that have been reaching out in ways to give towards this second round of adoption. There are a few options:

1. You can give to Brittany's Hope and write Brad and Kate Zimmerman on the memo line. Brittany's Hope will provide a grant of $5,000 towards our adoption costs, if they receive donations of $2500 on our behalf. (Tax Deductible)

2. You can go to which is our account with Lifelong for Orphans (Tax Deductible).

Thanks again and we will keep you posted as things progress.

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