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Flight Home - Life is a Story, Enjoy the Journey.

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

We had a flight on hold with our adoption travel agency. So as things got finalized last night we could finalize our flight home which was going to be on Thursday. Late last evening (Tuesday), We confirmed with our agency that they can confirm the flight that they had sent to us and had on hold for Thursday. She sent us the confirmation on the flights, and I reviewed what they had booked which was a flight that would go out this morning, Wednesday morning at 7:20 am. As you can imagine, this was not going to be possible. I quickly got back to them and mentioned this was not possible, and we needed the flight that they had on hold for Thursday. They accidentally held the wrong date and time, different from what they had sent us. Oh boy… haha so now we were trying to find new flights for Thursday. To find another flight that you will be leaving  country in less than 18 hours gets you either weird flight schedules, long layovers, or additional high fees on top of what you are paying for a last minute flight. So our schedule has changed again, and our plan is to be flying home on Friday. Life is a story, enjoy the journey!

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