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Home Without Our Son

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

We are home now and trying to adjust back to home. It was so hard leaving Bogota and then coming home empty handed without Cruz. We left with so much excitement and anticipation of showing him is room and playing outside with him. It was hard walking past his room and seeing his bed empty. We know that this was the best decision for right now even though it is hard. We have no idea when we will be back but we are hoping sooner rather than later.

We are told that they are lowing the sedation on Cruz and he is now breathing on his own which is a huge answer to prayer. The doctors are shocked at how well he is doing and recovering. He is definelty a fighter and I am so thankful for so many prayer warriors back home who are praying for Cruz and our family. We could feel the prayers and support even when were so far away. God is doing a miracle in Cruz's life. We are hoping to get an update today about how he is doing and if there is any idea when he will be out of ICU. We are hoping that when Cruz is feeling better and moved into recovery that Kate will go back down to Bogota to be with him during that time. It will be a great chance for her to bond with him before we start the adoption process. She will also be able to be with him all day in recovery which will be nice and was not how it could have been with him in ICU.

Continue to pray for Cruz that his body will continue to heal and that he will not get any infections. They said his pancreas is now infection free which is amazing. Continue to pray for his heart and other organs as well. We know that God's timing is always perfect even if it's not how we planned it to go. We serve a great God and we know that Cruz is in his hands right now. Thanks everyone for your love and support.

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Carol J Mylin
Carol J Mylin
04. Juli 2019

I can only imagine the disappointment you must be feeling...Praying for all of you as you follow God's leading, and for Cruz' thankful that we know He IS with us...ALL the time!

Gefällt mir
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