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Internal Bleeding,Surgery, and Blood Transfusion

Today. Well, today started off as a normal work day for me and normal summer day for the kids. But for our son Cruz, he has yet another challenging day.

This afternoon, we received notification from the doctor that Cruz is doing really bad. To hear this coming from our Colombian contacts, we knew it had to be severe. They are normally very positive and upbeat with the updates. This one today, no, it was a little different. They contacted us to let us know that Cruz has internal bleeding and they had to go in to an emergency surgery. They are not sure what is causing the internal bleeding, but are thinking it may be caused from infection. As we have seen the conditions of the hospital, it's sad to think what he is going through. They also had to start a blood transfusion. We continue to pray for the doctors and appreciate their attentiveness to Cruz's needs.

As tears fall from our face, we try to unpack the translation from the spanish communication and translations we are receiving with updates from the doctors. We meet with our kids to give them an update and pray for their little brother Cruz.

We continue to trust God and rely on faith, but yet again our little guy has a strong battle to fight. We trust that God's will, will be done.

It is difficult to be so far away and not be able to sit by his side to comfort him from these challenging surgeries that he is facing.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate all of you.

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