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Kate Met Cruz

Thursday morning... The morning that we were supposed to be flying home, but God knows best. Fortunately because of our change in flights home, allowed us to stay for the day that Kate could meet Cruz and even more than we expected.

We woke up and walked to a local Juan Valdez Cafe to grab some breakfast. We were reflecting with the kids on the trip this far, and reminded them that Life is a story, enjoy the journey. We don’t know what each day holds but we must remain flexible and continue to seek God’s will for our life. Trust in God, and Rely on Faith. It was a busy morning in Bogota as the public buses zoomed down the center street, cars were bumper to bumper and motorcycles weaved in and out of traffic. Horns were blowing, locals were going to work, and construction workers building a movie theatre (at least that’s what it looked like). As we discovered Colombians love coffee and pastries for breakfast and I quickly discovered a Muy Grande (very large) Latte is not the same as our American Large latte, but has just as much caffeine :) Great coffee!

It was now time to return to our apartment as Kate was getting picked up at 9:15 am, by the driver and Madison’s son and girlfriend to go to the hospital. Kate’s emotions started to fill from with in. She was nervous to remain strong, excited and praying for strength to hold it together, as she reflected on how I described Cruz’s current status from yesterday. She received a few txt from some close friends that have been praying for her. I remained back at the apartment with the kids, and tried to encourage Kate with some words from some of our favorite songs. They arrived at the hospital in reasonable time. This entrance experience was different than others. They were greeted at the doors of the hospital by the coordinator, making the entrance into the hospital very seamless. They were directed straight up to the 5th floor which is the ICU level. They walked into the 8x8 conference room that I was in yesterday. The doctor gave an update that Cruz has a good night and a good start to the morning. Once again, she checked with Kate to make sure she was prepared to see Cruz. Kate said yes as tears continued to flow from her eyes. The Doctor said, I do want to let you know his improvement has been good and he has opened his eyes. So you will need to remain strong for your son. I think what the Doctor was saying, is that you you can’t be balling your eyes out, bed side, like your husband was yesterday :). Kate was thankful to be praying for strength for her first visit as she needed to remain strong. She walked into the ICU, and stood at the edge of the bed. Cruz instantly fixed his eyes on her, however the doctors affirmed that he is still fully sedated and that he most likely will not remember this. She said his big brown eyes looked beautiful . She continued to the side of the bed, where she held his hand, kissed his forehead and started praying. She reminded him how much we loved him and how many people were praying. She reinsured how strong he was, and how much of a fighter he is. The doctor once again, said that his lungs, heart and other organs look good and the plan was to start to lower the sedation so they could see if he could start to breath on his own so he would not have to remain intubated. Kate left the hospital and was so grateful for this opportunity to be able to visit our little guy.

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